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  • How to Choose the Right Private Investigator for Surveillance?

    Choosing the right private investigator is crucial, period. While it may be tempting to just go with the PI offering the lowest quote, it may cost you a lot more at the end of the day if they turn out to be a wrong choice. With that being said, let’s take a look at what seem to be some of the most important factors to consider while choosing a private investigator for video surveillance. Read Full Article

  • A Look at the Three Main Types of Missing Person Cases

    When you’re dealing with a missing person case that is well beyond a Google or Facebook search, you may need a professional investigator. We, as a private detective Melbourne, help clients find their loved ones back, as well as even others whose sudden disappearance has been a cause of worry for them. We will now guide you through the three main types of missing person cases out there. It will probably help you identify what case you’re actually dealing with, which may help you get better, quicker results. Read Full article.

  • 13th November 2015 - Come Fly With Me

    We often get enquiries in regards to locating individuals whether it be Overseas or Australia wide. The most interesting part about having to work on these cases is that not one case is ever the same or straight forward. A recent matter that comes to mind is on September 14th when a gentleman attended at our offices unannounced. Read the Whole Story here.

  • 2nd November 2015 - Your Spouse Cheating? 5 Tips to Spy on Your Spouse

    Do you have this lingering feeling that your partner cheated on you? There may be a few signs that you have noticed over the past few weeks. His or her personal appearance may have suddenly changed. - Read the whole story here.

  • 19th March 2014 - Insurance Flight

    Engaged by a leading Australian insurer to undertake surveillance on a client who was the recent recipient of an insurance payout due to a heart condition uncovered during his annual medical required for his Commercial Pilots license. Read the story to find where this long haul pilot was located>>

  • 22nd January 2014 - Are We Playing on the Same Team?

    New Year resolutions are a popular way clients have reported their unfaithful partners have transitioned changes into their everyday lives hoping to camouflage less than honest behaviour. Take a look at the Top 10 signs

  • 12th December 2013 - Twelve Scams of Christmas

    Here is a timely update from the people at McAfee, who know a thing or two about scams, malaware & holiday phishing. We highly recommend follwoing their advice to stay scam safe over the holidays. Read the report here >>

  • 14th November 2013 - Shaky Employment Platform

    What first appeared to be a straight forward & standard assignment for an employment screening evolved into a shocking discovery with the potential to cost the company $1M a day, showing the importance of pre-employment screening read more>>

  • 5th November - Million Mask March

    On Tuesday, 5 November, 2013, individuals and groups associated with the online hacker collective known as Anonymous (or Anon) will conduct cyber-attacks against governments and banks. Anonymous and aligned groups also plan to hold protests and rallies worldwide known as 'Million Mask March', particularly targeting government offices in the targeted city read the security brief here>>

  • 23rd October 2013 - Quick Resolution to Locate

    A simple Locate & Serve assignment lead to a somewhat surprising journey, reminding our investigators to keep an open mind and keep a bag packed in case of travel, read the travel journal here>>

  • 14th October 2013 - Handing Over Your Identity

    Stop Identity Fraud, read how to keep yourself safe & the steps you can take now to secure your Identity from theft.
    Alison was running errands & stopping in at the local supermarket for quick supplies, but her VISA card was declined. Alison was the victim of Identity Fraud & Theft. Detective Services stopped the theft & recovered the losses, here's how >>

  • 30th September 2013 - Catch the Cheat!

    Eliza noticed that although Ben had always worked long hours and she was managing with a 3 mth old at home, Ben had subtly changed, at first too tired to engage, working out more at the gym, then becoming secretive with his mobile phone and taking more opportunities for interstate work during the week. Putting it down to 'the long term plan' that they were both working toward, Eliza shoved her suspicions in the "I'm being paranoid basket". But suspicion changed to anger... read on >>

  • 16th September 2013 - Finding Jack, my Father

    Arthur enlisted the help of Detective Services to find his birth father after a dramatic deathbed confession revealed his true fathers identity read the full article >>

  • 5th September 2013 - Ryan Tees Off on Company Time

    Once the star Salesman of the company, Michelle noticed that Ryan wasn't as engaged or achieving his usual sales targets that had led to his promotion as Sales Manager two years earlier. At first Michelle attributed his lack of focus to his ill child and the slowing economy read the full article >>

  • 2nd Sept 2013 - Don't Get Ripped Off by the Tax Scam

    With millions of Australian's expecting their tax refunds at this time of year, it can be a simple slip of the mouse that gives your personal idenetity to thieves. Beware of suspect emails read more >

  • 26th August 2013 - Latest Phishing Scam Targeting Your Bank Accounts

    Read the article > to help protect yourself from another scam.

  • 9th August 2013 Mark Grover on 3AW Breakfast Radio talking CCTV

    As specialists in advising and harnessing CCTV information for effective action Mark Grover talks with Ross & John on 3AW breakfast radio. 

    Listen here >

  • 3rd August 2013 Bug their phone I dare you.

    Naive and beautiful are our children, yesterday I gave my daughter a new iPhone 5, so thrilled so wrapped and enchanted was she with the new phone and its features & options that not even a fleeting thought was given to the fact that the phone was enabled to give me complete access to her life.*

    Read full article >

  • 24th May 2013 Mark Grover on channel 10 re: Cyber Bullying

    Help keep your children safe from Cyber Bullying. Mark Grover shares his insights with Channel 10 viewers.
    Click this link



  • 14th May 2013 Is Your Partner Cheating? Why Pay to Find Out?

    It appears that if you’re a woman it may be the best investment of your life (but if you’re a man well you may as well invest the money into the pokies). A woman’s intuition is the key, and it seems like you pick up the slightest changes in a man’s behavioral patterns; whether it’s starting to work late, putting a lock on a phone, deleting the temporary internet files...or buying new underwear Read more >

  • 13 December 2012 - Ashley Madison – A Cheater’s Paradise and Boon for PIs?

    A dating website for individuals that already have a significant other. A cheater’s paradise, or however one chooses to describe it, serves a purpose for many people that aren’t single. The next logical thought revolves around the morality of such an enterprise, and the simple answer is that, like it or not, a statistically significant amount of marriages experience some form of cheating throughout the years.

    Read more >

  • 12 December 2012 - Psst, Your Amazon Kindle Is Spying On You

    For literature lovers, nothing beats spending the evening alone with a good book. But for owners of Kindles and other e-reading devices, that tradition is no longer as easy as sending the kids off to a sleepover.

    Read more >

  • 12 December 2012 - How To Spot a Fake Facebook User

    As Facebook recently prepared to sell company stock for the first time, it was required to make numerous legal disclosures in Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Buried in the fine print was a bombshell: The social network has an estimated 83 million fake user profiles. This equates to nearly 9% of the social network's 955 million total users.

    Read more >

  • 21st October 2012 - DS has responded to news that an app to aid infidelity has been launched, to delete incriminating calls and texts.

    Spokesperson and Celebrity Private Detective Mark Grover from Detective Services stated "Our team of private detectives can already find in clients phones if such an app is active. Infact apps such as these do not mean unfaithful partners can escape getting caught.”

    Read More >

  • 20th October 2012 - WHEN WILL WE LEARN not to be FOOLS and part so easy with our MONEY:

    Figures just released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission put the combined cost of a variety of fraud scams to the 12 months to March 2011 at $85 million dollars, up a whopping 35 per cent over the previous year.

    Read More >

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