Surveillance & Covert - Licenced Investigators covering all matters nationally and globally Skip Tracing and Locates - Highly Trained Investigators locating debtors and missing people Due Diligence, Employee Misconduct & Workplace Theft - Comprehensive Investigations prior to signing contracts Background Checks / Employment Screening - Obtain information on an individual or business before engaging
Fraud Investigations - Investigating unusual financial or criminal activity Internet / Forensic Computing Investigations - Ascertaining whether your computer or smartphone has been tampered with Debugging / Bug Sweeping / Hidden Camera Detection - Providing peace of mind in the home or office Online Dating Inquiries - Don't risk heartache, obtain detailed report on your potential partner
Insurance Investigation - Determining the factual status on an insurance claim Service of Documents & Debt Collections - Process serving of documents, affidavits and court orders Undercover Operations - Infiltrating an organisation or group to discover pertinent information Tailored Services - Contact us to find a solution to your needs
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