Time to Take Flight

We often get enquiries in regards to locating individuals whether it be Overseas or Australia wide. The most interesting part about having to work on these cases is that not one case is ever the same or straight forward.

A recent matter that comes to mind is when a gentleman attended at our offices unannounced.

His reason behind the attendance was he believed his wife was being unfaithful.

We had very little information to go with , other than she would be travelling to Brisbane in 48 hours for a 1 week work conference – something she had never undertaken in the past. We were provided with her Qantas Flight Time – her name – a Photograph and retainer.

That’s all we needed to proceed.

In particular the clients suspicions were heightened as she wouldn’t elaborate in general conversation where she would be staying and or any other simple details of same, and all the arrangements were rushed with no real explanation on hand .

The night before the wife’s departure , our client came to our offices quite distressed with knowledge that his wife was taking her passport with her on her travels within Australia . First we thought maybe this could be taken and used as identification, but after hours of inquiries and assistance through our network both locally and internationally we confidently established that infact his wife had other travels plans – OVERSEAS !

The next day arrived and strategically our options had changed overnight. Having learnt she would be going through the Port of HONG KONG – our Colleague and amazing surveillance operator Ted K in Hong Kong was our first choice to assist and pick up the target from HK.

Therefore with only 1 option available – I decided to follow the target directly from Melbourne and with some luck learn what we could.

Our instruction by our client was to follow his wife and report back to him with regard to the obvious ie; who she was seeing , who was picking her up from the airport and where she would be staying etc

So the investigator had quite a chore on hand, as you can imagine Hong Kong airport isn’t the most quietest airport around , you have to be quick on your feet with all eyes and ears opens , ready for anything that might come our way , no time for any deterrents.

The investigator was very successful with their travels all the way to Shanghai !

The Investigator successfully (and with God looking over them) Managed to take photographs, excellent video footage with self-explanatory displays of affection when the target was met at the Shanghai Airport.

Confirmation was made visually and supported by Body camera Video that the wife in question was definitely meeting with another male.

The Investigator managed to follow the target with the unidentified male back to a BMW motor vehicle and unfortunately lost contact with the target and Asian male companion as they pulled out of the VIP Parking area.

However the investigator did manage to acquire the vehicle registration number from the video film obtained, and with the help of some colleagues locally – within 24 hours we had managed to find out the details of the unidentified male, an address and over the next few days obtained more intelligence through observations for our paying client.

Domestic investigations such as the matter outlined above can commence with a simple request that may have been referred to colleagues in Brisbane to assist with, but most importantly demonstrates that a Clients gut feeling is usually correct.  

It goes without saying that my client was very happy with the work undertaken and presented to him. On reflection it was a very fast paced investigation – that all up took 96 hours in China and the following 36 hours of sightseeing as a Tourist !

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