Is Your Spouse Cheating? 5 Tips to Spy on Your Spouse

Do you have this lingering feeling that your partner cheated on you? There may be a few signs that you have noticed over the past few weeks. His or her personal appearance may have suddenly changed.

Although she or he may have only dressed casual in the past, it is possible that he or she is now getting dressed up regularly, applying makeup and paying more attention to the way that they look. There are several signs of infidelity, which include a physical change, acting distant and hiding or deleting message on the phone. If you want to know for sure, there are a few things that you should do.                   

Check Credit Card Details

One way to catch a cheater is to look at their spending habits. If you have access to your wife’s credit card account, you may want to log into the system to see if she has made any unusual purchases in the past few weeks. If she is suddenly spending more money at different places, such as restaurants, she may be cheating on you.

Review Phone Usage

A cheating partner may use their phone to contact the other person they are involved with. However, your partner may be wise enough to delete any text message or calls that she has received from another person. If you are unable to find anything while looking through the phone, consider going online, creating an account with your mobile carrier and checking out the different incoming and outgoing calls she has made and received. Mark down any numbers that you do not recognize and set them aside in a safe place.

Text Unusual Numbers

Once you have those numbers, you can use a free text messaging service online that provides you with a telephone number. Send a message to the number and politely ask them for their name. You could say, “Hi, I have your number in my phone, but the names of all my contacts has disappeared. What is your name?” You may be able to find out who that person is right away.

Pay Attention to Excuses

Does your partner suddenly have to stay at work late all the time? Have you noticed they are going on more client dinners and spending less time eating dinner at home with you? Start paying attention to the excuses because these are signs of an affair. There is a chance that you may be able to catch them  in a lie, especially if they do not think you are listening to the excuses that they are making.

If they say she is going to be at a specific restaurant at night with co-workers, consider taking a ride to the restaurant to see if your partner is really doing what they have stated they are doing.

Contact a Private Investigator

Instead of doing all the private investigating on your own, allow Detective Services to help you out. The private investigator can follow your partner around, set surveillance cameras in the home with your permission, visit places that they frequent and ultimately find out if your being cheated on. Once you know the truth, it is up to you to decide how you would like to move forward with the intelligence provided by Detective Services.

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