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Matrimonial, Cheating Partner & Online Dating Investigations

What Are Matrimonial, Cheating Partner & Online Dating Investigations?

Matrimonial or Cheating Partner Investigations are the practice of obtaining the required information to prove a partner is cheating or engaging in behaviour that falls outside the boundaries of your relationship, be they moral, ethical, legal, family or religious reasons. We investigate through surveillance, document and comprehensively report on their behaviour.

Online Dating Investigations are the practice of obtaining detailed information on an individual to establish if the potential partner is infact who they say they are, or purporting themselves as someone they are not.

What Are the Benefits?

We provide the evidence to help eliminate anxiety and stress, secure a rightful share of the assets accumulated during the relationship to protect your future and that of your children. You will get a detailed evidence report outlining professional recommendations, but most importantly 'Peace of Mind'.
You may have suspicions of gambling or other damaging addictions, we can assist with sensitive surveillance to provide evidence in a legal format to be presented in legal proceedings and in support of child custody matters.

What Are the Options?


Background Checks on an unfaithful spouse or potential spouse, cheating partners, divorce, child custody, child safety, proof of income, property settlements, hidden assets and also addictions & damaging behaviour.


Background Checks on individuals that join a group. Background Checks on individuals that may be purporting themselves as someone they are not. Ascertaining whether individuals or groups have been involved in romance scams.

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