• Matrimonial, Cheating Partner & Online Dating Investigations
  • Surveillance & Covert Investigations
  • Skip Tracing & Missing Persons
  • Due Diligence, Employee Misconduct & Workplace Theft
  • Background Checks / Employment Screening
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Internet / Forensic Computing Investigations
  • Debugging / Bug Sweeping / Hidden Camera Detection
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Service of Documents & Debt Collections
  • Undercover Operations
  • Tailored Services

Due Diligence, Employee Misconduct & Workplace Theft

What Are Due Diligence, Employee Misconduct & Workplace Theft Investigations?

The process of being fully informed about those you do business with, or compete against. By using a combination of public records, individual research, financial evaluation, personal verifications, and field surveillance Due Diligence can uncover details of a company's management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, suppliers, clients, industry and any other details that may affect how a company does business.

What Are the Benefits?

Gaining the knowledge / uncovering previously undisclosed information about a person / business prior to signing a contract.

What Are the Options?


Employee theft, workers compensation, personal injury, disability claims, tracking individuals, stalking, embezzlement, drug abuse, product tampering, industrial espionage and counterfeit products


Unfaithful spouse, child custody, infidelity & matrimonial, tracking individuals whereabouts, stalking and other harassment


Workers Compensation claims, insurance claims, abuse of sick leave, matrimonial investigations, criminal investigations, current employment, business or personal associates, daily activities & work habits

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