• Matrimonial, Cheating Partner & Online Dating Investigations
  • Surveillance & Covert Investigations
  • Skip Tracing & Missing Persons
  • Due Diligence, Employee Misconduct & Workplace Theft
  • Background Checks / Employment Screening
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Internet / Forensic Computing Investigations
  • Debugging / Bug Sweeping / Hidden Camera Detection
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Service of Documents & Debt Collections
  • Undercover Operations
  • Tailored Services

Undercover Operations

What are Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations are when we have to undertake an investigation by placing an operative into a work place or group to determine the facts.

What Are the Benefits?

Gaining the facts where normal methods cannot be used. Often these investigations are highly sensitive and need to be undertaken by skilled undercover operatives.

What Are the Options?


Investigating Theft, Fraud, Inventory Shrinkage, Employee Absenteeism, Time Misuse, Drug Abuse, Violation of company policies


Unfaithful spouse, infidelity & matrimonial, tracking individuals whereabouts

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