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Skip Tracing & Missing Persons

What Are Skip Traces & Missing Persons?

Skip Tracing is the practice of locating a 'missing' individual using modern data mining techniques and advanced web investigations coupled with traditional investigative methods such as field visits, phone calls, cold calling and utilizing well cultivated and trusted connections.

Some food for thought:

In a world where fraud, bankruptcy and crime is rife people choose to disappear, whether their hiding from debt or a loved one we have to find them. I field dozens of calls each week from people wanting to know how much it will cost to locate someone and how long it will take, the old adage “how long is a piece of string” rings true every time.

We go from a brief like (A) “I’m trying to find John Smith who’s about 55 and lives somewhere in Melbourne” to (B) “ I’m looking for a John Harold Smith DOB 3/5/57 his parent were Mary and Peter they lived in Hawthorn, Victoria his previous address was X he had two sisters X and X he also had a brother X who was married to X they live at X here’s a photo of him, he drives this car he has two children X and X and this is his doctors name is X because he has a dicky right foot and requires weekly attention”. 

How do you judge the cost to locate one over the other? The ironic part is that finding (A) could still be easier to find than (B) we never know until we start looking. How about we complicate this further, what if you have to find someone that “seemingly” the entire planet is looking for but everyone is looking at the size of their individual budget to find him and no one wants to commit significant funds to the endeavour so they all spend small amounts and get the same results “NON LOCATE” or child who is of age and doesn’t want to be found by the parents so has dropped off the radar, how much should the parents spend and how long will it take? We had such a case recently, the parents could only afford a small amount of money, it took us six months to find the daughter but we did. On the other hand we had a client that paid a large sum to find a fraudster but needed to find them within a week, we also succeeded with this locate because we could put all of our resources behind the job.

Whether you are briefing us or trying to find them yourself sit back grab a glass of wine and think. No matter how trivial you think the information is i.e. the subject went to primary school at X it could be critical in the investigation, an investigator may be able to link an old school friend with a old other friend who knew X that knew X that leads to the subject. So budget for the information you have, and allow for the time that matches the budget.  

What Are the Benefits?

Locating previously “missing” individuals for family reasons, legal and financial reasons when all other means of locating the subject have been exhausted.

What Are the Options?


Locate Debtor, Vehicle Accidents


Locate Family Member, Locate Debtor, Vehicle Accidents

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