Surveillance & Covert Risk Assesment

What are Surveillance & Covert Risk Assesments?

Surveillance is the practice of monitoring and observing a person, a physical location or a vehicle and documenting those observations for future use, through detailed written reports, or a variety of technologies including video, still photography and or audio recording. DO NOT pertain to hold out this service and do not practise in this activity.

Covert and Surveillance Technologies are excellent methods of acquiring information.  They require sound techniques and the use of state of the art technology.

What Are the Benefits?

Evidence obtained through a properly and well documented Loss assesment  can often provide the airtight and irrefutable evidence needed to prove or disprove a suspicion

What Are the Options?


Employee theft, workers compensation, personal injury, disability claims, tracking individuals, stalking, embezzlement, product tampering, industrial espionage and counterfeit products


Unfaithful spouse, child custody, infidelity & matrimonial, tracking individuals whereabouts activity, stalking and other harassment.


Workers Compensation claims, insurance claims, abuse of sick leave, matrimonial social media searcches, online court searches, current employment, business or personal associates, daily social media activities & work habits

Looking for something else?

Contact to assist you directly with regards to wyhats problems you desire solved or assessed. can also provide advice regarding Skip Tracing, Employee Screening, Debt Collection & more. DO NOT hold out the services of surveillance or covert services.

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