Our Mission

Our core values are the foundation and measure by which the practice is guided. They help shape our behaviour & methods, guide our client service and help us measure results. Our core values can be summed up with three keywords:

Facts - Through focusing on the facts Detective Services Australia develops strategies to deliver reliable and accurate information. It guides our client service philosophy and ensures our goals align with the facts detective services strive to uncover.

Integrity - Detective Services Australia is guided by ethical conduct which sustains a reputation for reliable, confidential and accurate service, the key founding principle continues to guide the service for over 20 years.

Excellence - Detective Services Australia measure of success in every case is the high level of truth uncovered. Excellence is getting the job done right and in a timely manner delivering results for clients enabling them to move forward with clarity and confidence.

As a community-based consulting service/ source dedicated to putting clients first and consistently striving to provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective advice in a timely manner.

Detective Services Australia protects its client’s confidentiality and provides's you with the relevant information you seek from our extensive library of databases to provide the answers you seek.

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Identity Fraud - Identity Theft cost Australians $1.4 Billion

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