How to Catch a Liar in the Workplace

If you are the owner of a business, remember while the cats away the mice may play!

You need to ensure that everything appears as it should and your staff are present and undertaking their duties correctly. If you feel that there is a possibility that one or more of the employees working for you could be stealing, you should want to take action fast. If you do not take action right away, you could end up losing some of your merchandise. Along with losing merchandise, you would lose a profit from the sales too. By taking the correct steps, you can prevent employee theft and down time from occurring at your establishment.

Video Surveillance for the Workplace

If you would like to focus on preventing employee fraud or downtime, it may be best for you to invest in high-quality surveillance cameras. You can install these cameras and position them in a way so that they are pointed not just at the customers but at the workers too. If you are worried that the workers are taking merchandise, make sure to have plenty of cameras around the work place or in particular where you have merchandise in both the front of the store and the back, especially if there are any dressing rooms in the area.

Hiring a Private Detective to Assist With the Process

Although your main concern may be workplace theft with employees who are stealing merchandise or petty cash from the petty cash drawer that you have, another thing that you should be concerned about is employee fraud. If someone you hired is fraudulent, he or she could be embezzling some money from your business and breeching the contract that they have with your company by sharing some private information about the business to others. Watching a surveillance tape would not provide with you detailed information about whether or not someone in the workplace is committing workplace fraud, which is why it is best to Detective Services involved.

Detective Services would discreetly follow the employee around after hours to observe their activities.  There are several other things that the detective may have to do, such as take video evidence and go undercover to find out everything that is going on behind your back. After compiling enough evidence, the detective would be able to show you what one or more of your workers could be doing that may cause some major problems for your business.

Getting Rid of the Bad Employees

If you want to know how to handle employee theft, it is important that you start by monitoring everything that your workers are doing at the workplace. The monitoring can be done via surveillance, but other extreme measure may need to be taken. When it comes to employee fraud, it is best to rely on a professional Investigator as he or she would be able to undercover what is really going on. Once you know what is happening, you can make the correct commercial decision and improve the environment at your establishment and correct the breaches. 

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