Handing Over Your Identity

Identity Fraud, ID Fraud, Fraud, Stolen Identity

Date: 14th October 2013
Detective Services: Fraud Investigations

Alison misplaced her handbag whilst out with work friends one Friday night. Finding it under layers of coats at the table an hour later Alison simply assumed in the rush of friends that she's mistakenly added it to the coats and thinking nothing had been taken as her mobile phone & wallet were all still there.

Unfortunately for Alison the story doesn't end there. On Saturday after filling up with petrol, doing some errands and then stopping in at the supermarket, her card was declined. How could this have happened? She didn't understand where the money went over night as pay day was Friday and no major payments were scheduled. Alison checked her internet banking to find a number of large amounts charged to her VISA debit card she hadn't authorised.

As Alison hadn't reported her card or bag stolen her bank refused her claim to stop the payments or refund the amounts in dispute. She needed to prove that she wasn't the person who authorised the transaction and to stop any further fraudulent behaviour using her identity. Alison didn't know where to turn when a friend suggested calling Mark Grover of Detective Services - who had assisted him in a commercial matter. Mark worked quickly to establish valuable information to help Alison stop the identity fraud and recoup her financial losses.

Through extensive case experience Mark knew the best course of action was to have Alison contact the three other friends to establish if they had had a similar incident that evening. Alison returned with the information that in fact one other friend, 'Charlie', had the same experience. Mark's insights to direct the case to the heart of the matter proved valuable as the investigation quickly uncovered Charlie's dubious past in obtaining goods by deception. Against Mark's advice Alison did not want to refer the matter to police.

However, through further investigation Mark was able to establish a strong case for Identity Fraud uncovering and closing a number of fake email accounts and threads of a fake identity Charlie was building in Alison's name in order to obtain further credit, such as loans or credit cards. Charlie purchased luxury brand name items with Alison's identity & VISA Debit card. With the plan to return them for the cash or sell them on eBay at a later date. Mark was able to have the money refunded and advise Alison on the next steps to ensure her identity was secure.

Alison explains how many victims react. "I felt silly, I was careless with my handbag and I really didn't know Charlie better, I guess I felt that since she was a work colleague I could trust her. After all, she'd just been through the company's rigorous interview process. I just didn't see it coming, I was naïve and embarrassed".
Alison said, "The stress of not knowing how far the fraud went was overwhelming at first. I was too scared to look and I needed experienced help to be able to guide me through the process to know that my identity was secure and no more financial fraud was going to happen."

Alison's is now able to ensure her personal possessions and digital information are protected, so she can enjoy her night out without losing her identity.

Alison now protects her Identity in 5 key ways:

  • Always ensuring her mobile is password locked & Bluetooth switched off
  • Nights out are enjoyed with one type of Identification and one bank card
  • Alison now has every transaction on her bank card sent by confirmation text to her mobile
  • Secure and hidden passwords on all electronic devices
  • Anti -virus software to help keep the door locked on her identity and personal data.

If you have been the victim of Identity Fraud, Detective Services can assist you in taking the crucial steps to securing your identity, your valuable credit rating, stopping further threats and breaches of your valuable privacy. Detective Services help people like Alison all too often and this has given us the experience to devise strategies to recoup losses, minimise the damage and secure the victim's identity.

We can investigate the facts and discover the truth, empowering you to action swiftly and secure your identity. Uncover the truth, call 1300 00 iSPY and speak to our agents today.

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