Ryan Tees Off on Company Time

Employee Misconduct Theft Fired

Date: 5th September 2013
Detective Services: Due Diligence, Employee Misconduct & Workplace Theft

Once the star Salesman of the company, Michelle noticed that Ryan wasn't as engaged or achieving his usual sales targets that had led to his promotion as Sales Manager two years earlier. At first Michelle attributed his lack of focus to his ill child and the slowing economy due to the Global Financial Crisis, but as time passed and matters had resolved Ryan still wasn't back to his 'old self'. Michelle noticed a pattern of behaviour, with Ryan systematically leaving daily at 2pm, and appointments that just didn't seem genuine. Unsure how to proceed as Ryan was such a valued long term employee and well liked by clients and staff.  Without conclusive proof it would be risky, dishonorable and potentially costly to dismiss a good employee so Michelle turned to Detective Services to help find the solution to her stressful situation.

With a large client base, sales targets to reach and company car to travel, Ryan had freedom of movement and the ability to manage his time freely with minimal office contact time. Michelle had access to his diary to enable Detective Services to anticipate his movements and have agents ready to monitor, document and gather the required evidence. Detective Services devised a plan to uncover Ryan's behavior with a rotation of agents and times during the day to establish his regular routine. Liaising with Michelle we to confirm authentic meetings and other personal activities.

With monitoring over a two week period during peak times of personal activity during work hours Detective Services were able to build a substantial body of evidence showing consistent work time 'hobbies' including rounds of golf and client 'meetings' at the pub which were directly linked to Ryan's own fast flourishing business on the side. Michelle felt cheated after supporting Ryan through difficult times, even hosting fundraising events. When the raising funds for his ill child stopped the hobby turned into a lucrative income stream taking over from his primary job, blatantly stealing his employers resources to build his own wealth.

Faced with an uncomfortable and difficult situation Michelle felt empowered with the solid case Detective Services built and had the confidence to present Ryan with documented evidence of his activity. Ryan immediately resigned his position surrendering company assets in his possession and had the good sense not to ask for a payout, as a costly legal battle may have left him further out of pocket, with the real risk of the Australian Tax Office asking further questions and facing criminal charges. Michelle was relieved Detective Services were able to secure confidential data and minimise any further damage. Michelle now has a team who are keen to rebuild key client relationships and prove themselves with the incentive of the Sales Manager position on the table for the best sales person at the end of next financial quarter.

Are you concerned an employee's 'hobby' seems to be consuming more than their 'free' time? We can help you put together a case to resolve the missing time, resources or funds in your business. Uncover the truth, call 1300 00 iSPY and we can investigate the facts and discover the truth, empowering you to make the right decisions for your business.

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