3rd August 2013 Bug their phone I dare you


Naive and beautiful are our children, yesterday I gave my daughter a new iPhone 5, so thrilled so wrapped and enchanted was she with the new phone and its features & options that not even a fleeting thought was given to the fact that the phone was enabled to give me complete access to her life.*

Before I gave her the phone I gave it a minor upgrade, she won’t understand why it won’t’ automatically update to the latest operating system nor will she have a clue what the icon in her utilities settings does but I will from this moment forward understand what’s going on in her life, I will be able to see her text messages, the phone calls, her notes, her planner, where she is 24/7, pictures and videos she has taken and even the web sites she’s been too. I do this not to pry or spy, I do this because I care.

If she is being bullied or is considering self-harm I want to know, if she is depressed or being harassed I want to know. Kids today live in a virtual world being part of that world is a parents responsibility. Try asking your 16 year old daughter for her password to her phone, I dare you, sure some parents live in an idyllic world, one that they have such an open relationship with their child that this is not an issue but by in large our kids are intensely private and forbid us access to it.

In my opinion parents should take this option, you don’t have to snoop, just check, it’s not a sin. Think about how you would feel if you had that information and how it could enhance your relationship with your child, think about how you would have loved to know in hindsight…………………

P.S. I just gave my wife a new iPhone at the same time :-)

*I am in no way suggesting this is legal, nor am I even admitting that I actually did this to these phones, my advice is that if you own it you have the right to do what you want with it. You must seek your own legal advice before exploring this option.

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