17th May 2013 Is Your Partner Cheating? Why Pay to Find Out?


It appears that if you’re a woman it may be the best investment of your life’ but if you’re a man well you may as well invest the money into the pokies.

A woman’s intuition is the key, and it seems like you pick up the slightest changes in a man’s behavioral patterns; whether it’s starting to work late, putting a lock on a phone, deleting the temporary internet files off the computer, having a private facebook site, the sudden loss of sex drive or buying new underwear.  There will always be something! Statistics show, that if a woman suspects the husband/partner of having an affair, an average of 85% of the time she is right. On the other hand if male suspects his wife is playing around they are usually only right 20% of the time. Men have a tendency to seek out affection in other women where women seek the companionship and support of their girlfriends. This suggests that most men simply have no idea what their partners are up to or is it that women are better at covering their tracks. Mark Grover (Special Investigator Detective Services) seems to think women are less likely to cheat because they are generally more faithful and don’t have the ego that a male does. 

The conquest attitude of males through the generations is inherent in the cheaters behavior.

Recently we did surveillance on a gentleman for a female client that had a hunch about her husband’s infidelity for 8 years. The husband’s encouragement for her to go to a function “was just a little too much” and her antennas went up. She called us and we caught him in the act. The moral of the story is, don’t wait 8 years to act. She was devastated that she had wasted all those years on “that relationship”.

We can Investigate the Facts and Discover the Truth, giving you the peace of mind that comes with proof.



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