Ashley Madison – A Cheater’s Paradise

Ashley Madison - A Cheater's Paradise & Boon for Private Investigators?

A dating website for individuals that already have a significant other.

A cheater’s paradise, or however one chooses to describe it, serves a purpose for many people that aren’t single. The next logical thought revolves around the morality of such an enterprise, and the simple answer is that, like it or not, a statistically significant amount of marriages experience some form of cheating throughout the years.

So, if someone is going to cheat despite the fact that he/she is in a committed relationship, why not turn the situation into a moneymaker;  after all, isn’t the idea of the faithful spouse so last century?  As the company eloquently states, “Providing a married dating service like ours does not make someone more likely to stray any more than increasing the availability of glassware contributes to alcoholism.”

On a serious note, sites like Ashley Madison provide a mechanism for extramarital relationships from the convenience of your PC, or even your smartphone. After creating a profile on the male-dominated site (roughly ? of users), you are allowed to peruse the seemingly endless bounty of prospectful co-conspirators. There in fact lies the beauty of the arrangement; both parties share in the act of cheating, and as a result, they soften their moral blow.

Even though the site is largely considered an epicenter primarily used for the quick and dirty sexual encounter occurring in a dingy motel (and the site actually provides lists containing the best hotel/motel to cheat in a given region), others reach out looking for more of an emotional connection.

While their spouse has already heard all their stories and may no-longer be as receptive as he/she once was, this new person and relationship offers the opportunity of a clean slate that many people embrace as a refreshing scenario.

Some will use this clean slate approach as a means of experiencing and talking about subjects which they would avoid or feel uncomfortable addressing with their spouse, and yes, that can include but is not limited to the physical relationship.  Perhaps this is why more married couples who experience infidelity stay together when compared to those who aren’t married; they realize that the affair is in most cases caused by these emotional boundaries which can be worked out through communication.

Now, the possible downside of using a website aimed at finding a pattern in non-monogamous crime — getting caught

A person that visits a cheating site is likely to follow through with the act. Therefore, a private investigator with access to items such as internet browsing history, emails, cell phone call/text history and the capability of tracking an individual’s whereabouts in an invisible/undetected fashion may be led directly to the “scene of the crime” by the perpetrator him/herself.

The advent of meeting and developing a relationship via the internet and sites like may have reinvented the way people cheat on their spouses, but it also provides a new way to get caught red-handed.

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