Detective Services responds to news of App claiming to aid infidelity, delete incriminating calls & texts.

21st October 2012

Victorian Detective Services has responded to news that an app to aid infidelity has been launched, to delete incriminating calls and texts.

Spokesperson and Celebrity Private Detective Mark Grover from Detective Services stated "Our team of private detectives can already find in clients phones if such an app is active. Infact apps such as these do not mean unfaithful partners can escape getting caught.”

How different life would be for Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole or Kristen Stewart - if they had only known about a new phone app which helps cheating lovers keep their affairs secret.

The Cate app, which stands for "Call and Text Eraser", creates an invisible log of calls and text messages and can hide specific numbers from the contacts list.

The application available on Android received $70,000 funding from the American equivalent of Dragon’s Den and has already been downloaded by more than 10,000 people.

The app is hidden from view and can delete illicit texts at the shake of a phone. It also keeps an invisible log of calls and text messages and hides numbers from the contact list. Its advertising slogan is "Love is blind, we keep it that way”.

Critics have criticised the app for its morality, but the creator who appeared on "The Sunrise Program" earlier this week says there are legitimate reasons for using the app and that it’s there to protect privacy. However, the software does look set to make it more difficult to catch a partner’s unfaithful behaviour.
Private investigators are becoming an increasing popular form of finding out the truth regarding domestic and matrimonial matters with Victorian Detective Services often being called upon to investigate infidelity.
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