Undercover Operations

What are Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations are when an employer employ's the services of a Freelance Loss Assesor into a work place or group to determine the facts. Loss Assesing can also include and undertake Mystery Shopping exercises to provide objective data on staff, promotions, brand partnerships, opportunties & identify any gaps in customer service.

If your company is suffering from abnormal wastage / inventory loss, under / over weightage of stock between purchasing departments and vendors, illegal commissions, employee theft leaking your confidential information of trade secret to your competitors, misuse of company assets, or such related activity, we suggest you contact a Loss Assesor that can help you in unearthing the real cause and the person / people responsible for such incidence. 

What Are the Benefits?

Gaining the facts where normal methods cannot be used. Often these matters are highly sensitive and need to be undertaken by a skilled loss assesor.   

What Are the Options?


Using a Loss Assesor for Theft, Fraud, Inventory Shrinkage, Employee Absenteeism, Time Misuse, Drug Abuse, Violation of company policies. Mystery Shopping reviews on; Staff, Product, Promotions & Service.


Unfaithful spouse, infidelity & matrimonial, tracking individuals whereabouts through Online Social Media


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