Insurance Investigations

What Are Insurance Investigations?

Insurance Investigations is the practice of determining the factual truth of an insurance claim by interviewing the parties and collating the facts.  By utilising a qualified Loss Adjustor can assist you with the desired mythology required to be undertaken. 

What Are the Benefits?

Evidence obtained by a Loss Assesor through a properly conducted Insurance Investigation Claim can often provide the airtight and irrefutable evidence needed to prove or disprove a suspicion for the below matters. 

What Are the Options?


Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Disability Claims, Falsified Claims, Fraudulent Claims Investigations


Car Accident Claims, Insurance Claims


Workers Compensation claims, insurance claims, abuse of sick leave

Absenteesim / Abuse of Sick Leave

Shadowing or tailing a person was once the only way to establish the exact activity of that person.  Each and every possible move was once captured in film. However these days most bring themselves undone by way of Social Media background and forensic searches. 

Looking for something else?

Detective services also offers other services including skip tracing & bug sweeping.

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Identity Fraud - Identity Theft cost Australians $1.4 Billion

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