Debugging / Bug Sweeping / Hidden Camera Detection


What Are Debugging / Bug Sweeping / Hidden Camera Detection Sweeps?

Debugging is the process of identifying hidden cameras and listening devices used to record conversation and movement of individuals, business owners, spouses and staff.

What Are the Benefits?

Peace of mind from the potential recording and monitoring of movement from your staff, spouse, colleagues or boss.  Our certified, trained, experienced and skilled technician will keep you and your organisation informed by reporting back to you about the concerns you have identified within your working infrastructure and your environment.

Bug Detection Service is a very involved process that is best left to professionals with the proper training, expertise and equipment.

What Are the Options?


Office Debugging, Car Debugging, Hidden Camera Detection


Home Debugging, Car Debugging, Hidden Camera Detection.


Full Bug Sweeping of a property or organization as well as hidden camera detection.

Looking for something else?

We also offer other Loss Assesment services including process serving, missing person & debt collection.

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