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Date: 30th September 2013
Detective Services: Matrimonial & Domestic


Eliza sits with her 18 month old baby girl on her lap contemplating their future. Just 3 years ago at age 27, Eliza and Ben had a fairytale wedding surrounded by family & friends, then honeymooning in the Seychelles. They had spent 5 years mapping out their shared future prior to the wedding, from careers, children, homes, right through to retirement.

Eliza noticed that although Ben had always worked long hours and she was managing with a 3 month old at home, Ben had subtly changed, at first too tired to engage, working out more at the gym, then becoming secretive with his mobile phone and taking more opportunities for interstate work during the week. Putting it down to 'the long term plan' that they were both working toward, Eliza shoved her suspicions in the "I'm being paranoid basket". But suspicion changed to anger when doing the laundry Eliza noticed a receipt in Ben's trousers for two at a local Italian restaurant, the same night he was supposedly interstate on business.

Bravely confronting Ben on a number of occasions, demanding to know if he was having an affair, Eliza says, "he told me that he didn't have the time, energy or money for an affair and he didn't want to be a divorce statistic, and that he wasn't interested in other women. The receipts were simply business meetings, and working late was part of the plan we always talked about". Ben's passionate plea had an unsettling effect on Eliza, despite his words and actions failing to add up, her desperate need to believe him and save their young family was her focus during the next 12 long months.

Eliza tells, "…after a devastating year of giving Ben chance after chance, I felt I was going crazy. I was paranoid about every phone call, late meeting or business trip and I was just exhausted". Eliza was adamant her only option was to call Detective Services to get the facts, "…more to prove to myself that I wasn't going crazy, imagining scenarios that weren't real" says Eliza. "I felt sick as my shaking hands dialed the number to speak with the investigator".

Eliza was able to give Detective Services a comprehensive brief which included photographs of Ben, his car & registration, his work details, hours and calendar appointments. After receiving the background and brief, Detective Services put together a strategy to capture Ben's 'out of office hours' movements with Surveillance from the details Eliza was able to provide.

Detective Services Solution: 
On a particular evening Ben had told Eliza he was at a work function that would run late and he'd stay overnight in the city due to an early breakfast meeting, our Surveillance team captured Ben on video in the very same Italian restaurant that Eliza had found a receipt for a year earlier, it was obviously not a work engagement as the investigator filmed Ben and his female companion enjoying drinks & dinner, chatting, holding hands, touching intimately & kissing. They were also photographed holding hands entering a nearby hotel and the next morning captured again kissing and hugging before leaving the hotel separately. A similar sequence of events occurred just 3 days later when on a Friday night the surprise came when Ben left work with the same female companion returning directly to the same hotel and it was obvious from close surveillance the occupants were not in a hurry to leave that evening.

Presenting the evidence found is the unenviable task for investigators in these cases, but from experience we know it will bring long term peace of mind and put our clients in a place where they can affect real change and take control of the situation. After the initial shattering confirmation and with the strong support of her parents, Eliza tells us that she was unexpectedly calm and rational "it was so different from my initial phone call to Detective Services. At this point I'd heard the worst and now I was in control for the first time, as I confronted Ben with the irrefutable proof of his ongoing cheating and devastating behaviour. I could now start the process of rebuilding and provide a secure life for my child".

"I deserved a life that was free from constantly looking for the signs of his cheating. I was driving myself crazy, instead I decided I just had to put the well-being and future of my baby first". Now instead of building on a lie, Eliza is building a new life and is hopeful for the future

Are you suspicious of changing behaviour patters in your partner? Is their 'hobby' consuming more than their free time? Have they started working out more at the gym? It may be time for a confidential investigation.

As each case is unique, we recommend that you give us a call and speak with one of our private investigators to best assess your individual situation. We work with you to put a strategy in place to give you the best possible result. Just like Ben, cheating partners will deny any wrong doing in 99% of cases. Uncover the evidence, call 1300 00 iSPY and we can investigate the facts and discover the truth, empowering you to make the right decisions for you and your family's future, call us today.

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