Are We Playing on the Same Team?

New Year Resolution, Cheating, Unfaithful Partner
Date: 22nd January 2014
Detective Services: Matrimonial and Domestic

When New Year's resolutions are not what they seem.

It's vital to use intuition as your guide in the first instance. Your instinct will tell you if a new diet, exercise program, wardrobe or haircut has honest or other intentions. New Year resolutions are a popular way clients have reported their unfaithful partners have transitioned changes into their everyday lives hoping to camouflage less than honest behaviour.

Are you training with your partner in the hope that it brings you closer together, when they have their eye on someone else at the gym? Or are they increasingly training on their own, distancing themselves from your family and creating opportunities to be away from home? Has your partner made sudden changes on their own that would normally have been discussed and actioned together? Are they making changes that don’t add up logically?

Last year we posted the top 10 signs of a cheat, here they are again to refresh your memory.

10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

1. Your own intuition and instinct
2. Obsession with his/her mobile phone
3. Sudden changes in appearance
4. Change in your sex life
5. Working longer hours
6. Secrecy with computer and phone passwords
7. Never reachable on his/her mobile phone
8. Unable to provide straight answers
9. Distancing themselves from you and the family
10. Unusual purchases or credit card transactions

The best action to take is to call for a confidential discussion about your suspicions. We will give you clear and decisive advice if we believe your spouse is cheating on you and recommend a course of action. 
We work closely with you to gather the data and build a case with solid evidence which accurately reflects the activity of your partner. With the benefit of having all the facts to be able to move forward in a position to negotiate and control the situation should your partner play the denial game.

We help you get the peace of mind and confidence you deserve to make the right decisions for yourself and your family. Call us on 1300 00 iSPY to discuss your concerns.

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