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Date: 23rd October 2013
Detective Services: Skip Tracing & Missing Persons

A well known law firm recently approached Detective Services with a case to locate a person who owed $75,000 to a finance company, amongst other debtors. A number of circumstances made the resolution of this case time critical. The firm's brief was straight forward and simple; locate 'John Smith' and serve papers. Whilst the brief was a simple locate, the result was somewhat surprising and reminds every investigator to always keep an open and broad mind.

Detective Services Solution:
Because of the urgent nature of the case, Detective Services allocated premium resources to the search which resulted in locating John within 48 hours. However, the brief was to locate and serve John in Victoria. The surprise came when John was found some 1500kms north east of Perth [the official middle of nowhere], Western Australia, some distance from his last known residence in Geelong.

Industry figures suggest a 40% success rate for locates, whereas Detective Services' success consistently doubles the industry standard. With a locate rate at 80%, this comes as a direct result of the years of experience, resources and extensive network built by Mark Grover across Australia, the region and the globe.
Within the hour of locating John Smith, Detective Services were able to confirm a local trusted agent in Western Australia, dispatch documents & have the agent serving John Smith 48 hours later, which included an 8 hour return journey by 4WD.

As a corporate client, you have direct access to Mark Grover, who, with over 25 years of industry experience is one of Australia's most awarded and respected investigators. Together with the extensive resources and network Detective Services has built around the globe ready for a rapid response to exponentially increase success rates well above industry standards. Our 'get it right first time' methodology is designed to reduce the risk of subjects relocating numerous times (factors impacting on resources & response time) and skilled, professional agents in the field report back with accuracy and detail.

Just keep in mind, John Smith knows that someone is going to be looking for him and that he may be located on the other side of the city or country, well out of reach to the average person - they just didn't know Detective Services were on the case, the same reason why some of Australia's most respected Law firms choose to work with Mark Grover at Detective Services. Call 1300 00 iSPY today to get your case on the road to results.

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